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Clients love our experience & affordability!

"Honest place and great service. I brought my car here because it was making rattling noises (I'm one of those drivers who knows nothing about cars).They were able to fix the problem for only $16 and didn't take total advantage of my vague explanation of the issue my car was having! If I brought this to most places they would have charged me an arm and a leg just to diagnose the problem and then would have tried to convince me to get other things fixed as well. Also, my significant other brought his car in a month ago thinking he needed new brakes... they said he didn't and they did a minor fix for $8. Love this place."
"Best place !!!
I had drove all the way from Virginia to Kansas on a 2004 Hyundai. It was a lone asset for me, moving to a new state, and taking care of it was very important. Being new to Kansas, I was terribly in need of a true, genuine and affordable mechanic shop and yelp was the place to search. Reviews were good and as the reviews suggest, mechanics at KC Brakes are genuine and honest. I took it for general servicing and alignment. But they suggested that an alignment was not requires(saving me money on it, with their honest reviews) and it didn't cost me more than $50 for complete servicing. I am never going anywhere else when I have KC Brakes. Thank you guys, seriously!!!"
"Very fair, very efficient and they know what they are doing.
I had a break issue that other mechanics could not diagnose and two of the guys here (David and Kevin) diagnosed it separately, one without even taking the tires off. They also charged almost half of what others made an invoice for + saved me close to $500 on replacement parts.
Dave, the owner, is also very fair and very friendly.
Very pleased. Would definitely recommend to others."
"Great service, I just took my car there today to get a flat tire repaired. They had it fixed within a couple hours and they didn't even charge me. I'll definitely be coming back here the next time I need a mechanic."
"Excellent car repair at K C Brake Inc. I went in for a brake repair and oil change. They were very honest and related no need for brake repair. This is my second experience with K C Brake and they are fast, great repairmen with extreme honesty, which is rare. Really cool, clean vintage garage. Thank you so much Dave and crew."
"I will definitely bring my car back. These guys were friendly, fast and honest. Even when I offered for them to find whatever needed fixing, they kept it only to the things that really needed attention. I'd recommend them to anyone.
Edit (2014) - brought my car in again for another issue that I suspected was wrong. These fellas are so honest, if there is nothing wrong, they will flat out tell you they don't need to repair the vehicle. If you want some integrity in your mechanic, bring your car here. Plus, the location can't be beat. Two blocks from Crown Center, in the Crossroads district, this place is perfect."
KC Brake And Auto Service 1913 Mcgee St, Kansas City, MO 64108 (816) 421-7367
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